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Harrogate PU roofing

We recently completed a job in Harrogate applying PU Roofing to an old flat roof. PU can be used on both domestic and commercial new build and refurbishment projects. From something as small as a porch, through to apartment blocks, leisure centres, hospitals, box gutters, timber framed buildings and right up to factory roofs which can be 1000’s of sq. metres without the need of expansion details. Due to the properties of PU, it can also be used on vertical faces and upside-down without any slumping occurring. Topseal Polyurethane can be installed onto various substrates including: – bituminous roofing membranes, mastic asphalt, concrete, steel, asbestos, GRP, lead, OSB3, single-ply, aluminium, paint, plywood, polyurethane foam, liquid-applied roof waterproofing and foil backed insulation. For more information on PU Roofing click here.

Old Roof

Old roof replacement harrogate

New PU Roof

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