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What Is Topseal PU?

Topseal PU is a high performance, moisture cured, single component, glass fibre reinforced aliphatic polyurethane, for use on new and existing flat and pitched roofs. Topseal PU (Polyurethane) is a high-performance flat roofing system with guarantees of 20 & 25 years.

These systems are moisture triggered polyurethane membranes that cure together to form a seamless, durable waterproof coating for all flat roof types.

Benefits of having a Topseal PU roof:

• 20 - 25 year product lifespan

• Independently tested fire resistance ratings to comply with legislation

• Totally seamless (no weak spots)

• UV Resistant (Will not crack through embrittlement from sunlight)

• Can be used over existing substrates as well as new ones

• No limitations on roof size

• Liquid formula allows complex detailing to be simplified

• Will not chalk (Remains aesthetically pleasing and less prone to early failure)

• BBA certified systems

• Single pack formulations (Less material waste and packaging

• Fully bonded to deck system (resistant to wind uplift)

• Solvent free (Low odour)

• Cold applied so safe to use

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Why Choose A PU Roofing System?

Topseal PU is only available to Topseal Approved Contractors and not available off the shelf. This gives the customer peace of mind that the contractor carrying out the work has been fully trained in using our systems. Topseal PU has achieved BBA Certification and the 25-year system carries an EXT AA fire rating to BS Part 3:2004 which is the highest fire rating available for flat roofing systems. Topseal PU is a cold applied system which requires no hot works, making it very safe to use. Along with this, our system is solvent free making it low odour.

There are various options available in regard to the guarantee. The length of guarantees available are 20 and 25 years dependent on the requirements of the project and budget. In addition to the materials guarantee, a Topseal PU roof is backed by a workmanship guarantee which runs concurrently with the materials guarantee. Further optional insolvency guarantee and a 10-year Insurance Backed Guarantees are also available.

The limits are endless with Topseal PU and where it can be used. Topseal PU can be used on both domestic and commercial new build and refurbishment projects. From something as small as a porch, through to apartment blocks, leisure centres, hospitals, box gutters, timber framed buildings and right up to factory roofs which can be 1000’s of sq. metres without the need of expansion details. Due to the properties of Topseal PU, it can also be used on vertical faces and upside-down without any slumping occurring. Topseal Polyurethane can be installed onto various substrates including: – bituminous roofing membranes, mastic asphalt, concrete, steel, asbestos, GRP, lead, OSB3, single-ply, aluminium, paint, plywood, polyurethane foam, liquid-applied roof waterproofing and foil backed insulation.

Topseal PU is the system of choice for use on larger projects as there are no size restrictions, requirements of expansion joints or trims at junction details. This saves both time and money on labour and materials. A Topseal PU roof will withstand foot traffic. You can also add slate granules to the finish to give it a non-slip finish and more hard wearing. It can also be used for irrigated green roofs or roof gardens, inverted warm roofs and zero fall roofs applications. Paving slabs and decking can also be installed onto a fully cured Topseal PU roof. The versatility of Topseal PU is so good that it can even be used on existing pitched tile roofs.

Dark grey is our standard off the shelf colour, but there are 5 others colours available:- mid grey, light grey, terracotta, copper green and white. In the unlikely event of damaging the roof membrane, the repair of minor damage to the system can be achieved effectively by cleaning back to the unweathered material and recoating the damaged area with the Topseal PU system.

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